Mobile crane for rent

Our cranes will do the hard work

You can rent 40 tons mobile crane for your job in Burgas and whole Eastern and Central Bulgaria. Our crane operators are well experienced and perform each task with routine and confidence.

What type of cranes does the company possess?

OK TOURS offers for rent mobile crane FAUN TRF 40-3 with capacity 40 tons and boom 30 m + 15 m. The crane is with compact size that makes it suitable for use in different type of construction sites as well as specific loading and unloading activities.

What jobs are our auto cranes suitable for?

If you need to rent an auto crane for loading, unloading operations and heavy and oversized details mounting, buildings construction, erecting of metal structures, market halls, freights movement to hard reaching heights or specific loading services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our cranes are suitable for lifting, loading and unloading of construction materials, factory equipment and installations, signboards, loos materials as well as servicing of constructions sites, factories, sea ports and railway stations. With the help of our mobile cranes you can move freights to significant distances and assemble complex installations on hard accessible sites.

Our mobile cranes are with functional dimensions and excellent maneuvering skills which makes them suitable for performance of variety of activities in urban areas as well as hard accessible rural areas.

Our mechanization is rented with high qualified operator, fuel and includes all necessary documentation, permits, certificates and insurance.

General mobile crane rental conditions:

We aim to offer correctness and punctuality to our future partners.

If you want to receive more information about the mobile crane rental provisions; to get a response for a specific request or acquire a price offer, please contact us by phone on 0885 452 460 or email at